Success Stories

“JT and Gareth Jones are great instructors. Gareth plays with language. He showed us how powerful language can be. Its so much about how we speak. Gareth has tremendous energy. Something I need. JT has an incredible style and it just seemed that no one could ever reject him, no matter what! The way he opens sets is so different than what I have ever seen. We did not learn routines here, we learned body language and style of speaking. We went through details of every little thing. Most importantly tonality of voice. This is probably different from most other programs out there.” -Flash 
* Individual results will vary.

“The ABCs structure resonated with my personality and isn’t necessarily reliant on canned lines or routines. The structure gives you the flexibility to work with what is congruent with you. For me, it wasn’t about having as much gratuitous sex with as many women as possible, but more about giving me the ability to be a cool, confident guy, who doesn’t hesitate to go after a woman he likes. I definitely think ABCs has provided me with the tools to do that.” -Rockefeller
* Individual results will vary.

“I learned how to sell myself. In a job interview or networking, tactics, clothes and proper stories help to get the job. In the game of pick-up, tactics, clothes and proper stories help get the girl.” –Wierdo 106 
* Individual results will vary.

“This program was worth the money I spent, time I gave, fear I endured, and shame I felt. If you’re Asian, have confidence issues that you recognize but won’t fully embrace, are looking to improve your dating life, and don’t mind having your ass handed to you (it’s a good thing, trust me) then sign up for a program with APB. He is a tough, no non-sense kinda guy, but he cares about your growth in pickup. If you’re on the fence, jump over and do it!” -Vigere
* Individual results will vary.

“99.9% of the curriculum is about how people interact and applies to everyone. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this program won’t help you.” -Spaceghost
* Individual results will vary.

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  • What People Say

    Congruent with your personality

    I’ve subscribed to a veritable legion of different pick up guru’s and have fallen victim to a lot of marketing hypes about “revolutionary products”, “Gamechangers”, “The ONLY product you’ll ever need”, etc etc.. In the end, it all turned out to be a lot of fluff and bull. I won’t say that “I Did It My Way” is a panacea for all of your social awkwardness and woes with women, but I will say it’s a very helpful product from a very reputable company. Did it suddenly turn me into a Don Juan? No, there is not a book out there that will do that for you. Did it give me a tool to help me with women? Yes, it definitely helped me out in that department.

    (*Individual results will vary)